Semyon (Shimon) Chertok
(1931 Moscow – 2006 Jerusalem)
publicist, journalist, film critic

Author of over 2,000 articles on cinema and photography, literature and painting, music and theater, as well as seven books on Soviet and world cinema, on the film festivals of Moscow and Tashkent, and on the artist Boris Chaliapin, son of the Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin. The main author for and editor of the annual Ekran (“The Screen”) in Moscow and a journalist for the magazine Sovietsky Ekran (“The Soviet Screen”).
Immigrated to Israel in 1979, from then and till 1996 a correspondent and editor for the Russian-language department of the Voice of Israel radio station. Israeli correspondent for the BBC broadcasting services in Russian, as well as other world radio stations in Russian.
Wrote hundreds of articles in the Russian press in Israel and abroad. Published two more books: Mayakovsky’s Last Love (on the last year of Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky’s life; Ann Arbor, 1983), and Stop-Kadry (essays on Soviet cinema; London, 1988).